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Accelerated Remediation Technologies, Inc. (ART), was formed with the inception of the ART Technology to provide the most cost efficient and effective in-situ soil and groundwater remedial Technologies.  The ART technologies are comprised of multiple proven concepts working synergistically to treat soil and groundwater. The ART Technologies incorporates the strength of in situ air-sparging, in-well air stripping, soil vapor extraction, enhanced bioremediation/oxidation, and dynamic subsurface circulation cell in a 4-inch well or larger (6-inch preferred). Recently, The LowPerma Technology has been introduced as an effective corrective measure to remedy groundwater in low permeability geological formations. Similar to the ART Technology, it also combines the capabilities of multiple proven remedial processes including air sparging, SVE, flushing, and enhanced bioremediation/oxidation. 

ART is based in Kansas City, but our integrated technology has been implemented at sites nationwide and overseas.  Because of it versatility, it has proven its effectiveness in various subsurface formations including fractured bedrock. We have had significant success with a broad range of contaminants including chlorinated and petroleum compounds, MTBE, and 1,4-dioxane. Our clients include industrial dry cleaning facilities, petroleum companies, and aerospace manufacturing facilities, just to name a few. To view specific success stories, please visit our Case History section.

Proven advantages of our system include:

  • Proven hydrocarbon, recalcitrant and chlorinated compound remediation 
  • Single well, multiple technologies, - provides for greater flexibility
  • Dynamic Subsurface Circulation flushing
  • Vadose zone remediation
  • No surface discharge, disposal - no associated permitting
  • Jump start stalled sites
  • Utilizes common 4 inch wells (6 inch preferred)
  • DO boost in subsurface
  • Wells can be used to distribute amendments, if desired
  • Can retrofit to existing SVE/air sparge systems
  • No complicated components
  • Relativity low installation and O&M costs
  • Very low risk

Ask about our "Shared Risk" Program and our ART Technology Demonstration unit
The ART Technology has been proven at sites where other remediation technologies have not achieved remediation goals. Why install only one technology when you could install up to eight for about the same cost?

It just makes sense

The ART and the LowPerma technologies are patented. A reward will be paid for information leading to successful litigations of unauthorized installations.

ART Provides: 

  • Review individual site information to evaluate ART applicability
  • If applicable, work closely with consultant's remediation design engineers to ensure proper design parameters - provide design assistance
  • Manufacture the patented integrated ART wellhead
  • Install the ART system (wellhead completion, hookup to preinstalled remediation equipment - blowers, compressors, associated piping)
  • Assist in starting up the ART system
  • Work closely with consultant to optimize system operation.
  • Turn system over to consultant for operation and maintenance
  •  Review site remediation data to ensure continued performance success
 *We do have “turn-key” installation capabilities, if desired. 

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