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ART-Jection Remediation Technologies Option

As part of our continued efforts to improve the ART Technologies and increase efficacy, the ART-Jection Technologies alternative has been developed.  This technology builds on the proven ART Integrated design and allows for the addition of amendments (gas or liquid) directly into the formation as part of the in-well processes. Amendments may include ozone, nitrogen and other chemical or biological amendments (gas or liquid).  Chemicals added into the saturated zone via the injection point will be mixed further by the subsurface circulation and to be delivered throughout the sphere of influence.  This innovative design, detailed in Figure 2, will provide clients a wider range of options to maximize the chances of success.  It should be noted that in this design, the injection process and pumping may be operated alternately depending on site specifics to minimize the potential of extracting chemicals into the ART well and allow for dispersion into the subsurface.

The ART In-Well Integrated Technologies have proven capabilities at very challenging sites for remediation of chlorinated solvents, hydrocarbons and recalcitrant compounds.  The ART design can be retrofitted to existing legacy systems or can be employed as a new site-wide solution.  The addition of the ART-Jection alternative provides for increased flexibility and confidence for our clients to remedy even the most difficult sites.

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